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A decent part of my day-to-day work is iterating on solving UI "problems" by using fast feedback systems, such as web sandboxes / REPLs like CodeSandbox. As I iterate on these UI challenges, I tend to want to both look at the UI and also see a feed of the Console from devtools without the rest of the devtools panel taking up space on the screen.

To solve this use case I threw together a quick and dirty useConsole hook that can capture the output of console.log calls and then pipe that into some element that can be rendered on top of the UI.

export function useConsole() {
let [content, setContent] = useState('')
useLayoutEffect(() => {
let originalConsole = console.log
console.log = (...message) => {
setContent((content) => {
return `> ${message.join(' ')}${content ? `\n${content}` : ''}`
}, [])
return content


function Root() {
let content = useConsole()
return (
<Box is="pre" position="absolute" top={4} right={4} width={300}>
<App />


This hook only overrides console.log, if you want to catch other console methods than you'll want to modify the useEffect body.

Additionally, this should be run as early as possible in the render of the component to catch all calls to console.log

โš ๏ธ Be careful using this hook and calling console.log from within render, as it will cause an infinite render loop!


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