Hey 👋

Hey there, I'm Matt. I currently live and work in Boston as a software engineer working on design systems at Wayfair. In my free time I like to work on several different projects, and somehow find time to write some blog posts as well.

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Recent Side Projects

I work on a variety of side projects in my free time, below are a few of them. Check out the rest here.

  • Reroute A React router package built for Suspense using hooks
  • inline-mdx.macro A babel macro for converting inline MDX in JavaScript files.
  • Notedo A note and todo list web application using plain text


For content that I am still working on, and that I haven't published fully to my blog yet, I store in my Notebook. These are rough thoughts that I haven't had the time to fully piece together, or might not even represent complete concepts yet!

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I sometimes hack on random ideas that don't really need their own domain or might not really be worth throwing in their own repo, you can find some of those in my Random part of the site.

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