Hey 👋

Hey there, I'm Matt. I currently live and work in Boston as a software engineer working on design systems at Wayfair. In my free time I like to work on several different projects, and somehow find time to write some blog posts as well.

Popular blog posts:

Recent Side Projects

I work on a variety of side projects in my free time, below are a few of them. Check out the rest here.

  • Reroute A React router package built for Suspense using hooks
  • inline-mdx.macro A babel macro for converting inline MDX in JavaScript files.
  • Notedo A note and todo list web application using plain text


For content that I am still working on, and that I haven't published fully to my blog yet, I store in my Notebook. These are rough thoughts that I haven't had the time to fully piece together, or might not even represent complete concepts yet!

Check them out