Looking Ahead: 2016

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I never stick to my goals and resolutions after New Years Evening. The next day I wake up without changing anything about my life that I wanted to. So I decided to make something that would act as a sort of public status check. Something that I can continuously update easily, and that others can watch and give me feedback on as the year progresses. I started something like this a while ago as a private subreddit, but this will be fully public and I plan on tweeting the status of each day by the end of the day.

Of course there is nothing keeping me from doing this except the drive to do new things everyday. In many ways I am drawing inspiration from Casey Neistat's daily vlog. Where he started making videos daily to give him an impetus to create more things.

What is this?

Here is a link to the page: ~~Status (Not Active Anymore)~~

Well this is simply an about post about the project, I plan on building a new page for my personal website, where I track tasks completed and to be completed each day. These simple tasks will be things such as doing some sort of exercise each day, to eating something healthy (ideally vegetables and lean meats like chicken or turkey). I also want to focus on being able to build up my coding experience, so I want to track progress working on new projects as well.

Each day I will update the website with tasks that I completed that day, and with goals for the next day.