Family Time

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This week(end) for me has been an amazing whirlwind of fun times with family members. Coming home this weekend has been in the works since mid September and up until the time I arrived only a total of 8 people and only 2 family members knew I was coming home.

Since Freshman year at RPI I had always wanted to find a way to sneak home during one of my breaks to surprise my family and I was fortunate enough to come home for Thanksgiving this year to surprise most of my family.

Saving time for family when pressured to complete work or school tasks is important, not only to give yourself a break but also to sit back an enjoy life with those around you. My blog post on Thanksgiving day expanded more about how thankful I am for those around me, but I am also really glad that I can be spoiled with all this time to be around my family.

No matter what you do during the year, the holidays are always the best time to take a rest and spend time with your loved ones.