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Today is Thanksgiving day 2015 and right before I jump in the kitchen to help my family bake delicious food I wanted to write quickly about what I am thankful for.

Most days out of the year I don't really recognize how thankful I am for everyone around me. In general one can't always be aware of just how much someone who loves you does for you day in and out.

The past few days I have been reflecting on how much my family and friends actually mean to me. These are the people that I surround myself with whether a country away or right next door in my apartment. I surround myself with these people not only for the fun times but also for the help they offer me. I wouldn't be where I am now and I especially wouldn't be aspiring to do the things I dream of without my friends and family.

To my friends and family reading this, thank you so much, you have been there when I needed it the most and also have been there to share in the laughter. I hope that I can be the same kind of support that you offer me every day.