Weekend Projects

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Since I came home for Thanksgiving I figured I would have enough time to get away from pesky homework assignments and projects and spend some time not only with my family but also working on some of my own projects. The first was building and launching Bundles version 1, the second was launching this blog, and the third is reworking my portfolio website.

My old portfolio website used to load in an image from Unsplash on the left sidebar. The problem was that every time that I pulled up my site and others pulled up my site that image would take forever to load. It would end up making my site look ridiculously terrible, especially since I am looking for front end web development opportunities.

So I decided to change that and completely change my portfolio website in the process, I dropped the slow framework I was using for a simpler one (currently using skeleton css) I also dropped a lot of the unnecessary content that was on my portfolio website.

That above is what my current portfolio website looks like, its simple, clean and loads far quicker than my previous website.

The next project I plan on finishing up this weekend is changing my resume website over to the Skeleton framework as well.