Redesign v5

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Technically the name of this document is designV5.html however I really don't know what version this is of my personal webpage. I know I have written about redesigning this website about 2 or three times now (once here and again here).

The point of the matter is that I have redesigned my website several times over and each time I generally design it using the new things I have learned about design and web development. This time I wanted to focus on revitalizing my blog and making my website look a bit more professional.

I have officially dropped any need for external resources (css, images, other assets are all locally hosted), and as with the past redesign I have completely cut out any Javascript resources. Of course all this leads to faster lead times which is a great benefit.

One of the things that I also realized along the redesign process was that I will no longer be supporting any browser older than Edge, that means that I am doing no optimization with any of the css to let it work with older browsers. The main reason I am doing this is because I believe writing code to work with older browsers is fairly useless at this point (Sorry notsorry IE8 users).