DJI vs GoPro

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2016 is going to be a large year for tech, with a lot of potential shown for new products rising from nothing such as the breakout hit hoverboards that came to rise. One of the rivalries within the tech market that I am personally really excited to see play out this year is the battle between DJI and GoPro.

Some people may be scratching their heads at this rivalry because DJI is focused on drones, and GoPro is focused on making great action cameras, but these two companies are on a path that leads either to a merger or to intense competition. Both of these companies have been flirting with the other company's products.

DJI stepped into the camera market with their odd little DJI Osmo, a stabilizing video camera in a small compact form. The Osmo is built on the technology that DJI has developed for the camera systems on their drones. Meanwhile GoPro has countless rumors of them developing a drone platform for them to build a great drone experience for customers.

These companies do currently work together in some regards, with GoPro mounts for DJI drones but, as every technology company knows, its better to build your own version than it is to outsource to another company. We have seen this play out multiple times with other large tech companies.

I really hope that we get to see these companies compete over their own respective drones in 2016. These companies are going to be great competitors and either way the consumers will be getting great drones to use.