Redesign v6

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I have recently been looking into the many projects and tools that Zeit has been working on. If you don't know what Zeit is, its the company behind many cool projects like hyper (the terminal built with web technologies), Now a platform for deployments, and also Nextjs a server rendered react framework with support for routing both on the client and on the server. I decided to up my plan from free to the payed option on Now to give it a try. I have been looking at ways to cut down on my dependency on Github Pages because of limitations they have implemented and also because of the lack in server side control.

So after I had ponied up the $14.99 for a month of premium Now usage, I decided it was time to make use of that. I decided to start from scratch on my personal website and build it from Nextjs from the ground up. If you are reading this on right now then you are experiencing that rewrite at the moment.

This is the first website I have made with Next, it took some time to learn how to use it properly and how to migrate my old structure over to using it too. Prior to this I did a full re-write in react and react-router which I thought was pretty advanced at the time. But now that I have used Next to handle all this it has made it so much easier to build things.

The core concept of Next is that your website lives in two core root folders, pages and static, there are no limitations on what folders you make or use but these are the two most common folders. Pages is where are your root page endpoints will live, so if I put a test.js file within there, then the endpoint of will render out the react component that that file exports. Static on the other hand is where you store static assets like .html files, images, external css, videos, etc. You can deploy a site with Next and just some HTML if you wanted to by throwing an index.html file within /static.

On the css side of things I had to change my current implementation quite a bit. I moved my css imports into template strings within <style jsx> tags. This means that the styles within the tag are scoped locally to the component. For some things I had to use the Global scope within these style tags. A good reason for this is when html is set within elements manually (Like how this page is rendered from markdown to html), or if you want to style whole components within another component.

I plan on converting my other domain to use Next and Now in the coming weeks, and also plan on launching another site for documenting my families trip to New Zealand coming up really soon.

Let me know what you think about the site. In an ideal world it should just work like before.