You've Launched, Now What?

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My team recently completed a marathon at the pace of a fast sprint. In about 9 months of total time we went from concept of an architectural rewrite of our documentation site for Wayfair's Design System, to launching the MVP of that site. It was an intense 9 months, interspersed with building out multiple new components for our Design Systems, and maintaining our other components as well.

After having run the marathon, and sprinting across the finish line, I feel like my eyes are hazy, and the next milestone is nowhere to be seen. The thing I have been pondering since launch is,

What do we do now?

Its an interesting mindset to have post launch, I feel like I should be invigorated to keep working on other tasks, but oddly enough it has left me with fairly low energy.

I feel like the time in which I feel excited and full of energy is when I am working on large complicated tasks, trying to find that next mountain to climb will take a while, hopefully I find it soon.

Let me know how you handle the post-launch feeling, what do you do next after shipping a large feature/project?