Simpler and Smaller

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I recently picked up a Pixel Slate tablet/computer and I have really enjoyed using it for a lot of random tasks that I do besides writing code (although I can even write some code on it too). One of the things that it has been forcing me to think about has been how I can get my blog setup to let me publish content without needing to run a lot of developing tooling like Node, Gatsby, and many other processes.

In the past I have put too much effort into making longer and longer blog posts, putting a lot of emphasis around how I structure my thoughts and often getting to the point where it feels like I have about 20% of the blog post content, and then feel like I have 80% more work to do before publishing.

I think this new form of computing will let me focus on publishing faster, along with publishing faster I also want to get over the writers block of feeling like I need to fill up a longer blog post before hitting publish.

I will be looking at automating my blog build process so I can simply commit some markdown files through GitHub's web interface and have a push to master automatically build and deploy the site.