Moving to PNPM

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Over the past week or so I start to finally experiment with Yarn v3, a few years back I tried out Yarn v2 and ran into a ton of issues (anyone else remember that Yarn needed to patch a ton of tooling to just work?!). I figured they had ironed out some of those issues by v3 and that maybe it was time to replace my yarn v1 installation and try it out.

Unfortunately, it still seems pretty clunky, not too many tools in the ecosystem seem to support it still (for example it seems Vercel still uses Yarn v1 during deploys), so I decided to give up on Yarn and switch over to PNPM.

We've been using PNPM at work for a few new repos and while it has some unique approaches to module installation and setup, it seems to be pretty quick and easy to use.

I will say, the v6 to v7 changes seem pretty intense (I've already noticed some projects work only with PNPM v6), but overall I've been enjoying PNPM! Now time for me to get back and update all my side projects again 🙃.