Switching back to Notion

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I’ve probably written blog posts like this in the past, as I tend to switch between note taking platforms, I also don’t expect this to be my last one either!

I’ve recently switched back to Notion from Obsidian as my primary note taking solution.

The main motivation for this shift was my need for accessing and editing my notes across all my main devices, which today includes my personal MacBook, my work MacBook, and my iPhone.

I had written about a setup for syncing my Obsidian vault across devices before, however that approach only worked for android devices (leveraging Dropbox to sync my vault). For the past 5 or so months at the time of writing I have been getting by with using a hybrid of Obsidian and Apple Notes across my devices and it’s been rough, I’ve wanted to capture some thoughts in my vault but would be out and about with only my iPhone!

I have used Notion for quite a bit before, but had stopped around mid-2020 and instead shifted over to a custom note taking solution and then Roam and then Obsidian. One of the motivators for shifting off of Notion last time was that the performance of the applications (native on MacOS and at the time Android) was pretty poor. I’m hoping that they’ve improved the performance over the past two years!