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You know that one person at your company that every interaction you have with them just feels like rubbing against sandpaper? Where as hard as you try, it seems like you both never see exactly eye-to-eye?

I'm sure there's someone like this that everyone knows at their current or previous workplaces.

I was talking with one of my former managers about one such person that we both had the pleasure to work with, and the analogy that we both discovered was that companies are a bit like roads. The smaller the company, the smaller the road - think of a small back country one lane road. The bigger the company, it's a bit more like a 5-lane super highway.

That one person that you find difficult to work with is a bit like a speedbump on the road that is the company. You hate it each time you need to drive over it.

The smaller the company, the more likely that you'll encounter that gosh darn speedbump, but the bigger the company the more likely that you'll be able to avoid the speedbump by changing lanes!