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This might not be that long of a blog post but I wanted to briefly write about some exploration that I've been doing with Deno as of late.

I was pretty interested in Deno a few years ago, but last time I looked at it there didn't seem to be too much there besides being a slightly better, but less compatible version of Node.

Since then however, a ton of things have changed! There's now:

  • Compatibility with the npm ecosystem via the npm: scheme on imports
  • A ton of built-in tools like lint, test, fmt, check, etc
  • The docs are amazing!

A quick aside on the docs, I've been digging into some of the Node.js docs recently and jumping back to the Deno manual has been a breath of fresh air. The Node.js docs are pretty dry and minimal, whereas the Deno docs are pretty easy to dig into and have a lot of examples for different features/needs!

I'm starting work on (yet another) side project, and trying to use Deno as much as possible, it's been really nice being able to ditch the variety of tools I was using before:

  • Babel
  • Jest
  • Prettier

And drop in Deno for each of them!