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I've been starting to pick up a few additional utilities that I use alongside git within my development setups, I figured I'd try to collect them here in this post in case I need to set them up on another computer in the future, or (maybe more likely) I can share this to friends when they ask me "what was that command you just ran?!?".

If there's other utilities I should be aware of, reach out to share them!

gh - link

I probably don't need to say much about this, but I consider this a musthave if most of your work is on GitHub (either public or enterprise). Where it really shines for my use case is opening PRs, I use gh every single time!

Git Branchless - link

This is really many utilities wrapped up in a trenchcoat! It comes with git smartlog (a nicer output on git log), and also a git undo command which I strongly believe that git should offer by default!

Git Pile - link

This has become my go-to tool for supporting a stacked diff like workflow with git and GitHub. I tried out spr before but it enforced that you merge PRs from the command line instead of using the UI (which also meant it didn't work for me at work where git permissions are intentionally more restrictive).

git-pile "just works"™, using gh under the hood (the GitHub CLI) for opening PRs/interacting with PRs, which means I can use all the same options as I used to use with the GitHub CLI!