Learning Go

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I've recently started to really dig into learning the Go programming language in my free time. Mostly I wanted to learn another language that would pull me a bit further out of the "Rut of Frontend Development", so I was mainly looking at either Go or Rust. I opted to start with Go since it seemed pretty similar to JavaScript/TypeScript which I'm most comfortable with at this point in time, and I've heard some really good things about it as well.

I've also contributed to another service at work that was written in Go, so it's been fun having that be my main exposure to the language and all it's features.

To help keep track of my learning, I started to use a centralized Notion page all about the language, it contains a set of resources I've found for learning about Go (along with references and documentation on libraries). I've also added a "Learning Log", essentially a day-by-day bulleted list of things that I've learned / interesting code snippets I've found along the way.

Most of my learning has been in the form of both:

  • Following along on gobyexample.com, and
  • Completing the learning exercises for Go on Exercism after a friend recommended it to me

The Exercism exercises have been really useful because they allow you to learn parts of the language through realistic examples

What other resources should I look at for learning Go? Reach out on Twitter with recommendations!