My Current AI Stack

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I've been using a variety of AI tools for a bit now, and figured that I'd at least start to document what I'm using and why. This is a work in progress, and I'll update it as I change my stack!

If I haven't updated this recently, feel free to pester me about it on Twitter: immatthamlin!

My Current Stack

  • ChatGPT: This is usually my go-to for in-depth conversations and iterative thinking. I've been paying for the pro plan for a couple of months now.
  • GitHub Copilot: I've really enjoyed using GitHub Copilot for my development needs. It's not always the best but has improved a lot of the monotonous parts of my workflow.
  • Thanks to Arc, this has now been my go-to search engine for anything. I still de-opt back to Google for some things, but this has been a great tool for me.
  • Anthropic Claude: This is a recent addition to my stack, I've used it intermittently in place of ChatGPT for some things. It's been a great tool for me so far.
  • Raycast AI: I've been using Raycast for a while now, and the AI features have been a great addition to my workflow.
  • Notion AI: I haven't honestly been using Notion's AI offering too much, but I've been attempting to use Notion more and more. I feel like there's more opportunity here.