I use a variety of hardware and software each and everyday, so I figured I'd try to catalog those tools here, and I'm also going to try and keep this up to date every so often and see how it changes over time.

November, 2020


Phone Google Pixel 5

I've been using the Pixel 5 for a few weeks at the time of writing now (end of November 2020) and it's really exceeded my expectations. This was probably one of the few times in recent memory where Google released a phone that I wasn't excited about, I've owned all of the "premium" variants of the pixel phones, and several Nexus phones before that also, but this phone seemed like it was going to be more of a downgrade compared to my 4xl, however it's really been a nice device to use!

Laptop MacBook Pro (early 2020) 13"

Previous to this laptop I had been using a 2016 15" MacBook Pro that had begun to show it's age, not only was I realizing that the 15" form factor wasn't really that nice to use but the battery was also beginning to expand noticably. I was a bit hopeful for a 14" model that was rumored but went for a fairly well spec'd 13" when it dropped and I've loved it since.


Notes / Todos Roam Research

For some reason I happened to sign up for Roam around March or so of this year when it was briefly free and open for anyone to sign up, and used it off and on until about mid to late July. I've since adopted it as a go to daily use piece of software that I always have open on my computer and on my phone.

Code VS Code (Insiders)

For the few times that I do get to write some code I reach for VS Code, I've tried out a few alternatives over the years but this tool seems to do everything I want out of an editor. I mostly use the defaults within the editor but I do setup Prettier integration and thats about it.

Interested in any particular part of setup? Feel free to ask me on Twitter and I'll add it here!