Hack Sprint

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I've started to notice that I've spent a very large amount of my free time on my Xbox as of late, either grinding out gun camos in Call of Duty, or playing in the futuristic Night City of Cyberpunk. While I enjoy playing video games, a recently highlighted Naval tweet brought up this piece of sage advice:

So in the spirit of both that tweet and Marc Andressen's advice, I'm going to take two weeks of no Xbox game time to hack on a product idea from start to finish.

I'll hopefully check-in via a few blog posts throughout the sprint, and hopefully by the end of the time I'll have a product that I can feel satisfied about.

Aside: I won't be cutting out video games completely, unfortunately Animal Crossing has become a bit of a habit as of late, but I feel like it won't eat up too much of my free time since it's a fairly basic video game to play.